Remodeling & Renovation Services

Ready to remodel or renovate your existing home? Sullivan Brothers Builders has experience in transforming your home from consultation and budgeting to the finished product. We answer many questions about remodeling homes - here are some details to get your started. Contact us directly for more information or to set up a consultation.

How does the renovation / remodeling process work?

The first step in remodeling or renovating your home is to set up a initial site visit and consultation. During this visit, the scope of the project is established and expectations are outlines for a formal bid. Sullivan Brothers Builders will then provide you with a formal bid and scope of work. When the scope of work is agreed upon, work can commence.

Does it cost to get an initial quote for remodeling or renovating my home? 

Your initial site visit, consultation and detailed scope of work bid is all complimentary and provided at no charge.

I thought Sullivan Brothers Builders only built in neighborhoods they develop in the Heights and in Galveston?

In addition to building in the Heights and Galveston, Sullivan Brothers Builders has separate divisions in place to service the high demands for construction service requested by our existing and new clients. One division builds new homes outside of their traditional neighborhoods; we refer to this program as “Build on Your Lot.”  The additional division handles major remodeling and renovation projects.                         

Sullivan Brothers Builders offers complimentary services:

  • Initial job site evaluation and preparation of a detailed scope of work and bid
  • Style, design consultation and documentation meeting to ensure we are installing your desired finish items
  • A dedicated construction manager for your job
  • Direct communication and progress updates on your job
  • Peace of mind knowing that we will treat your home as if it was our home
  • Preferred lender referrals
  • Financial security and insurance to ensure that your home will be completed in a timely fashion and protected during construction

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